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  • wood hammer mill
  • drum wood chipper
  • disc wood chipper
  • wood crusher machine
  • mobile wood pellet plant
CRUSHING Wood chipper and wood crusher are used for cutting large bulk wood or biomass wastes into small patches for pelletizing. Generally speaking, wood chipper can process logs,branches; while wood crusher is ideal for sawdust from wood pieces,peanut shell or stalk,etc. Sawdust crusher can be customized in single machine or combined movable type with a tractor driven,which makes it flexible and high efficiency.
  • rotary drum wood pellet dryer
  • sawdust piper dryer
  • sawdust piper dryer
  • rotary drum wood pellet dryer
  • wood pellet dryer
DRYING Wood material drying step is necessary for most wood materials. Our sawdust drying machine contains rotary drum dryer and pipe dryer. Rotary drum dryer is welcome in biomass pellets and other fields by its large drying capacity and high efficiency. While pipe dryer is popular in drying small particles with the diameter of about 3mm as well as its competitive price.The dried materials moisture content is under 15%, just perfect for wood pellet pressing.
  • ring die wood pellet machine
  • wood pellet plant
  • diesel wood pellet mill
  • flat die wood pellet mill
  • diesel wood pellet mill
PELLETIZING As the crusial part in pellet produciton, wood pelletizing is to press sawdust or biomass powder into solid pellets for home or industrial heating. Ring die wood pellet mill and flat die wood pellet mill are the two choices for industrial and domestic wood pellet project. Single biomass pellet machine and combined biomass pellet plant can be customized to satisfy clients’ special demands. We can offer professional wood pellet solutions as well as free technical schemes.
COOLING&BAGGING Wood pellet cooling and bagging part is the last but not the least step in complete pellet fuel production. Counter flow pellet cooler and horizontal cooler are respectively suitable to large capacity and small scale sawdust pellet cooling. Pellet cooler can rapidly reduce pellets temperature to 5℃ higher than room temp and the moisture content about 3% in only 10 minutes. High cooling rate and low energy consumption.